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posted on May 16th, 2014 by Shannon in the category of Advice, Motivational with No Comments

Often times people focus on the things that aren’t going right in their life rather than focusing on the positive. That mentality of looking at a glass half empty instead of half full plays a big factor in how your future will turn out. Attitude is everything, what you put out is what you attract. I’m sure a lot of you have heard of “The Secret”, whether you’ve read the book or watched the movie. It’s basically letting you know that positive energy attracts more positive energy; that what you think will happen will actually become reality, good or bad. This is why it’s so important to keep a positive mindset.

Although it may not always be easy to think positively, most often than not there’s always a bright side to any given situation. If your car broke down, the bright side is you were able to have a car in the first place and that there is a way to fix the car problem. If you get fired from a job, the bright side is you now have more free time to look for a better job. If you’re feeling sick, the bright side is there’s medicine that will make you feel better. These are just a few instances where positivity can be applied to a not so positive situation. Just think of all the things in your life that are positive and that make you happy. Remember there’s always someone out there that has it worse than you. Just waking up in the morning to see another day is something to be grateful for.

There are many practices that can aid you in thinking positively throughout the day. Here is a list of a few to get you started:

1. Write down all of the positive things in your life and look back on your list when your feeling down
2. Surround yourself with positivity(positive people and things you like to do), don’t entertain anything in your life that doesn’t make you feel good
3. Keep positive affirmations everywhere you go(i.e. put positive notes on your computer desktop, refrigerator, the walls of your room, the bathroom, etc.)
4. Find a peaceful getaway when your feeling stressed(i.e. meditation, burning candles, taking a walk, laying on the beach, etc.)
5. Do something nice for someone else, when you make someone else feel good it’s a chain reaction and you will in turn make your self feel good
6. Write down all of your problems on paper to get it all out, when your done tear it up and throw it away(this is symbolic of getting rid of all of your problems especially if you feel like you have no one to vent to, you can even have a campfire ceremony where you burn all of the notes with your problems written on them. Just make sure you’re careful when you’re dealing with fire)
7. Get out and do something productive, when your productive you feel like you have purpose which is a confidence booster
8. Smile. Even if you don’t feel like it, smiling alone can releases positive endorphins and can change your mood instantly(take a selfie of you smiling and share it with your followers)
9. Search for positive quotes, there’s positive quotes floating all over social media. Sometimes reading something positive will help motivate you and make you feel better
10. Dance! Put on some upbeat music and dance like no ones watching, just let loose because how can you be depressed when your favorite song is playing?

These things really work, trust me. Incorporate these things into your day when your feeling down and I guarantee you’ll be feeling better in no time. Even if you’re not feeling down, practicing these tips on a daily basis will ensure that you always stay positive. You’ll notice the difference in your attitude and positive things will be attracted to you and positive things will start happening in your life that you never thought was possible. Let me know what you do to practice a positive mindset, and if these tips have helped you be a more positive person.

posted on May 7th, 2014 by Shannon in the category of Hair with No Comments

It’s that time again. My hair was in desperate need of a wash from product build up over the last couple of weeks. I’m going to share with you lovelies my wash day routine so you can see how I got my hair to bounce back to its clean and well moisturized state.

I first start by spraying my hair with water, then I apply a cheap conditioner all throughout my hair. I’m using VO5 conditioner as pictured above, but you can use any cheap conditioner of your choice. You want to stick with a cheap conditioner because this isn’t going to stay in your hair for long like a deep conditioner would. This simply acts as a prepoo to get your hair moisturized before applying shampoo which can be stripping to the hair. After you have applied the conditioner, you want to cover your hair with a plastic cap and let it sit for 10-15 minutes so that the conditioner can do its job by prepping and softening up the hair.

Now it’s time to shampoo. You want to use a shampoo without sulfates because they can strip out all of your natural oils that you need in your hair. I’m using Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo which doesn’t contain any laurel/laureth sulfates. This shampoo get your hair really clean but doesn’t strip your hair to the point where it’s “squeaky clean” which is never a good thing, especially when your natural. We constantly need oils in our hair and the Tea Tree Tingle shampoo contains a few of those natural oils that are beneficial.

After you rinse your hair, it’s time to apply your deep conditioner. I applied this homemade deep conditioner that I made from all natural ingredients. It always leaves my hair so soft and moisturized, more than any store bought conditioner I’ve ever used. I may make a separate post on how I make it, let me know in the comments if you want the recipe. Alternatively, you can use your own staple deep conditioner. Wait 45 minutes to 1 hour and let the deep conditioner penetrate. Then rinse under cold water. The cold water helps keep the moisture from the conditioner in your hair and helps keep your coils clumped and springy.

After rinsing out the conditioner, you want to give your hair that last bit of moisture. Use a leave in conditioner to finish it off. I also made my leave in myself from natural ingredients. It’s basically regular conditioner with aloe vera juice and oils mixed together, I put it in a spray bottle for even distribution. Massage the leave in conditioner into the hair and wala, your done! Now you can let it air dry, twist it up, or style however you like. This method always leaves my hair moisturized and feeling “so fresh and so clean, clean!” Try it yourself and tell me if you like this method. Also share your wash day routine tips down below in the comments. Happy washing!

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